Martina Schwarz and her unique musical approach
to MFL (Modern Foreign language) teaching

Martina Schwarz, born in Cologne, is a London based musician, songwriter-composer, performer, choir leader and educator. She holds a degree in education (University Cologne) and has a long-standing background as a teacher of German and music in primary education.

“Heiß ist nicht cool”  is Martina’s brandnew song program about climate change which she is currently touring in peimary schools and elsewhere.
Some of the songs are inspred by Stephen Taberners climate-crisis chants. Here are two more samples Trees, trees! and  “Mensch”, a song about mindful travelling.

Martina Schwarz in Lithuania, 2018, photos by Karolina Černevičienė.

Martina Schwarz visiting Namibia and South Africa

Martina on a concert tour in the Czech Republic: Primary school children are having fun with the “Days of the Week” song (Das Wochenlied). Photo: Jiří Příborský.

Martina has always believed that music is an excellent vehicle for language learning, as language in itself is music with its own rhythm and intonation. Inspired by the young MFL learners themselves, she soon discovered that the tunes and rhymes she invented for the language lesson worked. They helped the children memorise new vocabulary and phrases as well as being fun to sing and act out. “Can we sing this song again?”
The songs were not only sung in the classroom and assembly but also in the playground and at home. No more encouragement did Martina need to continue writing more and more catchy tunes and lyrics for almost every primary curriculum topic. Martina is performing her musical language learning program in schools and other venues all over Europe. The tours are often organised by the Goethe-Institute.

Martina on concert tour in Primary schools in Southern Spain, pupils joining in with the “ABC” song (left) and  “Hitzefrei!” (right)


Learn German with Songs

Martina was delighted to collaborate with the Goethe-Institute and have her ideas beautifully produced in the form of two language learning resources, “Learn German with Songs” and “Learn more German with Songs”.


The books and CDs can be ordered at the Goethe-Institute online shop. English translation of all the songs can be found there as well. Order Learn German with Songs (blue book) and Learn More German with Songs (red book)  The latter has also been published by the German publisher “Hueber-Verlag” under the title “Spielerisch Deutsch lernen, Lieder und Reime”.


An interactive concert at the beautiful Goethe Centre in Budweis. Young German language learners are singing about Rain, Sunshine and Rainbows.

For more details, costs of concerts and how to arrange a visit to your school, please contact Martina:
or Tel: 0044 20 72496211  / Mobile: 0044 7940 572648

Martina Schwarz

Discover more about Martina on her music website: www.martinaschwarz.net