Reactions from children and teachers  

Martina created her German language learning songs in collaboration with the Goethe-Institute, London.

Martina has delighted many pupils when touring her language learning songs all over the world

 Spellbound by Martina Schwarz and her accordion – thank you for your wonderful concerts!”
– German Saturday School & German Kindergarten, Leicester – Facebook

Martina’s two German language learning songbooks and CDs have been developed in collaboration with the Goethe-Institute London.

So far she has been touring her songs in primary schools and other venues all over the UK as well as the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Moldova, Poland and Spain.


Pupils in Ireland illustrated Martina’s football song, “Bärenstark” means “as strong as a bear” as well as  “super cool”

Even though it was in German it was quite easy to understand. The songs were  fun to sing and act out, and I learned a few new words!”

The concert was brilliant and fun. I loved the way she got some of us to do things and I hope she comes again.”

I felt like getting up and dancing to the music.  I would love to hear more of her songs.”

Children draw their impressions after Martina’s interactive concert.


I thought that it was really exciting – Martina was very lively. The music was so happy and joyful.”

I really enjoyed it and would love to do it again. Thank you so much for the  wonderful time.”

The concert was a great way for children to learn German. The actions made the songs more fun to learn. Thank you for sending Martina to our school.”


Kindergarten children acting out Martina’s “Rainbow” song in Budweis, what fun! .

For more details, costs of concerts and how to arrange a visit to your school, please contact Martina:
or Tel: 0044 20 72496211  / Mobile: 0044 7940 572648