Musical Tales

German TranslationStory telling with fairy tale songs, a fun way
of learning language, combining drama and music

Martina Schwarz

Once upon a time……

 If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales.
If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”  – Albert Einstein

With a strong background in theatre (she trained with Philippe Gaulier in Paris), Martina has years of experience of working in theatre, including the educational theatre world (Theatre sans Frontieres, Freshwater Theatre, Bubble Theatre & Greencandle Dance company). She has written many fun fairy tale songs and delivers musical fairy tale sessions for young language learners, accompanied by accordion and ukulele. The children will find out which animals and plants are inhabiting the woods, what food and drink Little Red Riding Hood carries in her basket, what she is wearing. Of course there is a song about the wolf and Grandma’s bizarre body features.  They will learn about the chores Cinderella has to do every single day of the week and how she feels about it. There is a song about shoes and about midnight when the clock strikes twelve…

Little Red Riding Hood is getting lost in the forest at the “Maerchenwelten” exhibition in the Goethe-Institute Glasgow.

 Magically, the fairy tale vocabulary is also relevant for the primary school curriculum.”

Young German language pupils are getting into their animal characters

Children’s artwork made for Martina.

Children are welcoming Martina to their school with lovely art work.

For more details, costs of concerts and how to arrange a visit to your school, please contact Martina:
Email: [email protected]
or Tel: 0044 20 72496211  / Mobile: 0044 7940 572648